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Blair, Gerard. Groups that work,
Big Dog’s Leadership Page
Open Doors
Sources about wireless connectivity:

LINKS to digital art sites and installations:

Chris Hand’s Blog:
Chris Hand’s homepag:
Create your own Steady Cam for very little money:
Immersive 3d Hack using wiiRemote:
Other Johnny Lee projects using the wiiRemote:
Sarah Angliss, Sound artist using robotics
3DV systems, Company developing 3d image tracking software (a lot of this is doable in Jitter by the way) – Rafael Lozano-Hemmer -Relational Architecture – look into body moves and Frequency and Volume – the legible city – worry about this guy – look into Nike Platz – look up floating numbers – create graffiti for a war computer game – does lara croft wear fake polyglons? – performance with real-time visuals – voices transferred to visuals – wearable computing – digital narratives – John Kilmer’s 3D projection surfaces

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